Q: My window does not roll down on 2006 Honda Ridgeline

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Hello My name is Dolores, my passager window does not roll up or down I don,t thing it,s the switch, maybe the relay/motor,I would like if you could send me pictures of how to replace it,or if I can get something that is universal that would work.Thank You very much,, I really love this site... Dolores
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To determine if it is a switch or motor problem, try this: with the key on and engine off, watch the overhead light (assuming it is on) while operating the switch on the affected window. If the light flickers or dims momentarily then most likly it is a bad window motor. If you can not see any change in brightness then start with the switch.

Sometimes a bad motor will repond if you pound on the door while holding the switch in whatever direction you want the window to move in. Good luck!
Is it only one passemger window that does not work ? If none of the passenger windows operate, it is likely the Window Master Switch is OFF. The Window Master Switch is with the drivers window switches. It's purpose is to defeat the passenger windows for child safety.
If only one window is inop, the problem needs to be diagnosed to isolate the problem to either a switch (could be the one on the door or the one built into the drivers window switch), the motor, wiring, or connections.
There isn't a universal switch remedy as the switch on the passenger door and the switch on the drivers door work together.
Sometimes the switch contacts themselves arc and create corrosion. Because it's simple, with the key off, try using both switches many times (up-down-up-down etc) Then trun the key on and try the switch. Maybe today you get lucky.
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