Q: my wife's car just blowed the head gasket can you show me how to fix myself step on 1990 Mazda 626

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i just want to know how to tear it down step by step
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sure...first, disconnect the battery, drain coolant, then remove the spark plug wire set, remove spark plugs, remove valve cover, remove air intake, remove exhaust shield, remove exhaust bolts, slide exhaust manifold away, remove drive belts, remove accessories in the way, remove harmonic balancer, remove motor mount, raise engine with jack and block of wood, remove timing belt covers, align engine to TDC, mark timing belt, mark sprockets, remove belt, remove distributor, remove radiator hoses, remove intake bracket from block, remove all electrical connectors from head, remove fuel rail, remove head bolts starting from the center outward, lift head up slightly to access the underside of the intake, remove intake nuts....remove the head....
Drain any coolant not blowed out - before.........................use metric renches and green jelly rust-fighter.
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