Q: My wife went to the dealearship for a warranty issue. They fixed the issue. on 2012 Hyundai Sonata

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They talked her into a Fuel Cystem Clewaner and an Injector Cleaner. The car only has 5594 miles on it. Did she get taken advantage of?
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Did she pay for this? If so WHY?? You know i have a bridge for sale, it is a nice one i..............
Look into this and find out why it was done! Still got the paper work? WOW.
It is a issue of taking advantage of a woman. Thanks for answering this and don't worry, I plan on being in their face on Monday morning.
Good for you!! Darn shame that has to happen to anyone, MOST folks today don't know anything about vehicles.
Also I don't know anything about bridges either, sorry for being so snide. It just ticks me off that they did this!
Let us know the outcome.
Thanks for the reply.
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