Q: My vehicle have quit twice while driving, its just stalls and will not start back. on 2000 Honda CR-V

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Recently, I have had timing belt, all other belts, water pumb, oil filter, Sensor cleaned,fuel filter changed,all done to this vehicle. Since then, it has the tendency to not start especially if the air has been on. It also tends to stall when put in forward or backward motion. But it was running ok once it gets going until yesterday it quit on me while driving. It did the same thing today, just quit on me driving down the highway. Do you have any suggestions?
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honda had huge problems with there distributors failing. there are 3 sensors in the unit that fail often.
most parts stores sell re maned units for between 250-350 for the complete unit.

have a shop confirm but i bet thats it from your description.

Thank you so much for your quick response. I will have this checked out!!! It sure has been a headache!!! Thanks again!!!!
sounds like you might need to replace your battery posts, or even just take a toothbrush and some coca cola and scrub them...
if its not overheating when it shuts of it could just be something as simple as the battery no expert but i like to troubleshoot from the cheapest solution on upwards...