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Q: my van seem like its overheating on 2000 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2000 grand caravan 3.3 took it to my mechinic he says its ok but i don't think so ,my engine gets really hot , he tested the fan in it took about 10 to 15 mins to come on. Now I know I lifted the hood after driving about 6 min the other day in saw heat rising from my engine, my question is why is taking so long for my fan to come on? my needle doesn't go over the half mark i got a new thermstat ,do i need a senor for my engine? if so what is it called? not my coolant senor i already know about that, or do i need a fan relay ? or both in tell me why do i need them? thanks
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the car should run at about 190 to 220 degress and the fans should come on about the 220 mark and cool it to 190 if thats the thermostat you have. so at 200 degrees your eng will show a heat rising condition
why do my van have to get that hot before the fan comes on? why doesn't it come on when im idel ? won't that damage the cylinder head? how hot do your engine get when its over hot then?
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newer cars a designed to work at hotter temps thru the computor and its set thru the ecm. you can't change that even if you wanted to. at idle the car takes a long time to warm is what it is
What's hot to us would be cold to your engine. Heat is relative. Hot summer days your fan will run more colder winter days it runs less. The fan MAINTAINS (along with other parts of the COOLING SYSTEM) a consistant operating temperature so the engine will perform as designed for both power and efficiency.Another example-your catalytic converter- they can be upwards of 1100 degrees at peak levels , 700-800 when 'cold'. It is what it is , as globalhelper stated.........if it ain't broke---don't fix it!
When the temp. gauge gets in the red zone and coolant starts running out of the overflow tank THEN you have a heating problem!
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