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Q: My van kepps dieing no one can find anything wrong with it on 2000 Dodge Ram Van 1500

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about 5 months ago My van died on the highway about 15 min latter it started. about 1 month latter it died again but this time it did not start so I had it towed to a repair shop. They said when they were going to fix it 2 days latter it started right up they had it for a week could not find anything wrong with it and said it was bad gas.I drained the tank ran hightest for a few weeks everything was fine then it died again I parked it went back the next day it started right up. 4 weeks latter it died again I had it towed to a differant repair shop the next day when they were going to look at it it started right up. they had it for a week and found nothing wrong with it
change your fuel pump it's in the fuel tank it's expensev but thats the problem its weak ,works for a while then it fails .
Im having a similar problem...have changed crank sensor and coil...still shutting off. Mechanic pushed on connection to COMPUTER and it started! but did the same thing again..he says I need a new computer although it seems its the connecting plugs that are not making a good connection, but they have been cleaned and so ??? Im not sure if a new computer wil fix the problem or not but its definately the problem on mine
Don't count on the fuel pump.I changed mine,$300.00 , and the next day I had it towed for anotheer $70.00. Mechanic has it now and put on a new Coil..... it died on him a few blocks away. It dies with no warning, sputtering or rough running, just instantly there is no engine. Lights ,radio etc. work but the engine is no go. It may start in a few minutes or the next day. Good luck.
hi i went to aamco cause my dodge van did the same , after six visit it has not turn off ,the service description install pcm about ten month not the fuel pump i change mine 350.00 save your moneyand it not the censor in the transmissions so save your money.
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