Q: MY van is not going faster, go about 30 mile sped and then not shifting transmission, on 1994 Dodge Caravan

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Mache nic told me my transmission is not shifting from frist gear, need to just happen I was driving and all of a suden I lost speed, and not going faster then 30-35, if i push gas paddle engine make noise extra and wan't go speed more.

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be carefull you dont damage the engine. the trans sounds like it is failing by not shifting. take it to a trans shop for a diag and bid.
by the way, is it a 3 speed or 4 speed??

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Hello Mr. Roy my transmission is 3 speed. Thanks for your advice. Thanks a lot. Anands,.
i had the same thing it turned out to be a trans soloniod there is 2 i had to replace 1 cost with labor was under 300.00