Q: My Van has been shutting down as I am driving. on 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

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My van has been shutting down on me as I drive, if I am going down the interstate,when it cuts off, I am able to restart it right away. However, sometimes It will let me seat for 20 minutes before it starts back up again. So far, I have replaced the fuel pump, the main swith that generates electricity, the gas filter and some other sensor. Will you please help me figure out this problem
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A diagnostic test needs to be performed while the problem occurs (especially) because you need to know if you are missing fuel or spark. Then you can pursue the issue further, looking at that specific system rather than guesswork. Good luck!
Hi, I had a similar experience with my former 2002 honda accord V6. I changed the fuel pump and serviced the injectors also had the fuel rail flushed but the problem persists. I later ran a comprehensive diagnosis and found out that it was my vacuum system that had the problem. Although you might not detect the problem when the car is running, make sure you do a KOEO key on engine of test to catch the freeze frame before you start your engine.
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