Q: My van got wet during sandy I dried everything and started the van it was ok on 2002 Nissan Quest

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It started twice and now I can not get it going any thoughts please help
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Unfortunately, brackish water has probably taken it's toll on the electronic componets.
Even fresh water will do about the same thing!
I have tried to fix some with fresh water damage to the electronics, NO LUCK. Always something going haywire. I am afraid you will spend more than it will ever be worth. That is just my opinion but it comes with some experience of this problem! One of the cars was taken to the shop within a hour after clean fresh water from a swimming pool covered it. (Now i hear that was a PARTY!) Any way i worked on the thing for 3 days, oh i got it running ok but every time the customer would drive it, something else would go crazy. He finally just sold it as a flood vehicle. I wish there was a better solution but if it is I don't know it!
If you have comprehensive insurance on this vehicle, it's covered!!!