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Q: My van engine temp will only get to 150 degrees? New thermostats, on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

Full on coolant? Heater inside never gets warm @ all?? Radiator has card board in front so no air can get through and still very cold. All hoses are cold!
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HOW are you measuring engine temperature? WHAT brand of thermostat and what temperature thermostat are you getting? How long are you letting it run for and what is the ambient air temp where you are?
With a scanner hooked up to car so actual eng temp. Put in 2 aftermarket and one ome 195 degree thermost
Drove it 6 hrs straight and 150
AFTER you have had it running and driven to reach maximum temperature, do you get good heat(HOT)? IF 'yes', I recommend verifying ACTUAL engine temp. , with an infra-red thermometer. I suspect a faulty sending unit, or improper parts installation. Engine/radiator cooling fans NEVER come on , unless you turn on A/C (or defrost), correct?
Infred gun show 165 degrees by the thermostats? Took old thermostat and put in hot water opened @ 195 degrees.
the rest of my question? Fans? Any way to verify proper cooling system routing? By-pass always open etc? Recent head gaskets?
Fans dont run radiator has cardboard in front of radiator except 4" square. If head gasket was out should over heat in summer and it doesnt its been cold in winter for last 3 yrs. Time to trade it thanks. If coolant was blocked then it should over heat
I wasn't implying a blown head gasket, I was thinking an improperly installed one could allow coolant to circulate in a way that bypasses the thermostat causing your symptoms. Good luck, 3 years ??
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