My trunk will not latch normally. It requires repeated clicking of the remote. on 2009 Mercury Grand Marquis

If I purchase a replacement trunk latch, can it be easliy installed ? Does it require any special tools? Can the connecting cables be easly reconnected?

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Wont latch when you shut the trunk lid or wont unlatch correctly with remote? Clean and lube!
dealer said I need a new latch at a total cost of $265! Can I do it myself or does it require access to their computer to reprogram, etc? would it require special tools?
Try cleaning and spraying it good with wd-40 first, worth a shot!
I would try to adjust the latch first
dealer's mechanic says I need a new latch cost installed @ $265.Could I replace it myself without special tools?
have it done and be done with it or lube it for free 1st and see if that helps