Q: My truck starts bucking between 40 and 55 mph when I accelerate it goes away on 2006 Ford F-150

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as soon as you go uphill at 40 it bucks
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Engine misfire... Usually one or more of the coils over each of the spark plugs... Problem is which, there are 8 of them!!! IF check engine light is on, have it scanned to find which cylinder is at fault... Also... 'scanner' can run a cylinder contribution test to locate problem cylinder... Bottom line... Get it tested!!
I have a 2006 ford f150 lariat 4X4 and it does the same thing, but the engine light has not come on. It also bucks, stuters between 60 and 70 prior to accelerating slowly then it stops. Again the engine light does not come when it accures. Can transmission overdrive be culprit?

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