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Q: My Toyota Sequoia shuts off coming to a complete stop. on 2001 Toyota Sequoia

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I have no idea what could it be. It has been doing this lately, any help would be great.
Do you ever have any yellow check engine lights on? If so will there be a code that will really help you. I would suspect the idle air control valve. How long since you last had your throttle body cleaned? A dirty throttle body can cause engine stalling at stops, as well as any vacuum leaks.
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I agree, however if this is a v8, and if I remember correctly, then the isc valve is build in the throttle body and cannot be replaced alone. If not check engine light then clean the throttle body.
Hello, I really never have gotten the throttle body cleaned. Is there an addative I can add to the fuel or do I have to take it appart and clean it? I tried to see if I could find the idle air control valve but I was able to locate the idle control motor.
Will it stay running with your foot on the gas but as soon as you let off it dies more than likely is an idle air control motor sometimes just cleaning them will fix this concern
It does not do it all the time, there are time when it will do it a few times in a row then it stops doing it. I located the idle control moter on my Sequoia, do I take it apart and just clean it? I also noticed the throttle position sensor, do I have to remove it to get to the motor? Is that sensor very sensitive were I could really mess up my truck up worse if that is damaged?
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