Q: My top won't go up, and the spoiler is stuck open. on 2007 Porsche Boxster

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It started when I noticed the windows were down like I didn't latch it but it was latched and the spoiler was up. So I tried to cycle through opening and closing the top and now it won't close or open.
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FYI this top has no hydraulics,it is entirely mechanical.Electric motor in rear center of trunk turns cables which drive gears located at left and right side of top.
The same thing happened to my 2001 Boxster. The top would not come up. I returend it back to Firestone who had just done an oil changed and were suppose to change my air filter. They denied they touched the top, although it is required for the air filter to be changed. The tech checked my "fuse"..He said it was "not blown"..THEN..he "RETURNED THE FUSE BACK INTO THE BOX..and top still would not come up! The next day I stopped at a ALL FOREIGN car auto shop, who ALSO CHECKED MY FUSE! It appears the FUSE WAS "wiggly" and NOT properly into the slot! The mechanic took the fuse out,..THEN PLACED FUSE BACK SECURELY INTO THE SLOT AND THE NEXT THING I KNOW,..IM WATCHING MY CONV TOP COME UP!!! Needless to say, I was VERY HAPPY AND GRATEFUL since I had just been told by a diff EURO CAR REPAIR SHOP THE DAY EARLIER,.."SOUNDS LIKE YOU LOST ALL YOUR HYDROLICS"..AND WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN A MAJOR COST, ONLY COST ME A $50 BECAUSE I WAS SO GRATEFUL THE MECHANIC TOOK THE TIME TO CHECK MY CAR OUT, IT WAS MY DECISION TO "TIP HIM FOR HIS HELP!"...He initially told me.."NO CHARGE!"..and it was my first visit to this shop! may want to check the fuse and make sure the fuse is SECURE and NOT LOOSE OR WIGGLY!!! I SURE HOPE YOUR PROB IS FIXXED AS EASY AS MINE WAS! GOOD LUCK!!!
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