Q: my timing chain broke did it bend the valves or hurt the motor.?? on 1995 Nissan Sentra

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broken timing chain it made no noise at all but need to know if it hurt the motor or can i just replace chain.
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I'd be really surprised if the motor isn't damaged in the chain case or that you wouldn't have bent valves. it's possible to do a leak-down test and determine of there's bent valves and you could tear the motor down far enough to see if there's damage in the timing chain case area. Consider a guaranteed used engine if there's much damage. Or you could have gotten very lucky and only lost a chain. Consider that there may be matal debris in the oil pan which could cause problems, too.
i have a really great mechanic that lives across the street we are gonna try an tare it down an replace what is broken or put a junk yard motor in it which ever is cheaper. thanks for answering my question