Q: my timing belt broke on 2002 Audi TT

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how much will be the estimate if the timing belt broke at 126,000 miles while driving at less than 40 mph?? i know it is very expensive, i just wanna know how much i will expect my mechanic to tell me.

(3) Answers
Doing the belt alone will be just over 1000 dollars. I think you can get an estimate for this at

Warning, though. When a belt breaks like this, it can do tons of damage to the engine, which can add many thousands of dollars to the bill. Keep your fingers crossed that you didn't damage your valve train.
I was told over 2 years ago that the cost of replacing the timing belt would be around $2,000.00 and if i let it go and the belt broke then the cost would be around $8500.00 for a new motor.
Mine just broke on the freeway yesterday, I was going like 60mph, and I have an acura integra, 1996. It has about 119,000 miles on it, I went to a Tire Pro place that does everything, and they gave me an estimate of $1200, because they have to buy a whole kit that goes with the belt and their going to replace the water pump and give me a tune up at the same time. The parts are all about $800 bucks but the labor is what gets you. I guess its a pain to take all that apart and get to it.