Q: my temp gage will not register. I had the sensor replaced. on 2005 Buick Rendezvous

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I had the sensor replaced but the gage will not register. My car ran hot due to a clog in the radiator cap.The cap was replaced the radiator hose was replaced and the sensor was replaced but the temp gage is still not back to working properly... and my service engine light came on but when I had it looked at it said it was the sensor. So we replaced it.
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poss wiring issues or you repl the wrong sensor. the is a coolant sensor for the computor and a diff sensor for the temp gauge. did you repl the correct one?
More than likely coolant temp sensor was replaced when check engine light came on. Your model should also have a temp switch also called temp sensor- this just for your guage reading. Replace that sensor and should then read correctly on guage.
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