Q: My SUV stalling when i stop and dies on 2005 Buick Rainier

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why does my truck idle funny when i stop or slow down to turn and sometimes dies in the process. i come to a stop and it will start right back upwith no problem. anybody have a solution some have said a air sensor and some say fuel pump or injectors
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It doesn't have to be a hard part failuire. You could have a vacuum line disconnected, or an air intake leak somewhere, causing an inordinate amount of air to get into the engine, causing it to starve for fuel comparitively. A good engine performance technician can get to the bottom of it probably fairly efficiently.

What you can do: check for any disconnected or leaking hoses under the hood (air / vacuum) and you may find something...

Conversely - sure, it could have a fuel pressure or supply issue also.
Thank you for your reply and this makes more sense then what some other people where I live have told me. It's really strange because it has stopped doing that then it did it like once or twice and no more so you are probably right. We'll have to have someone check it out.