Q: My steering wheel vibrates when idling stopped and in drive. on 2000 Hyundai Sonata

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I've had extensive work done on this car within the past weeks. The steering wheel vibrates when idling and stopped in drive. It does not vibrate when driving or when in park, or neutral. Spark plugs/wires changed, gas tank filter cleaned, fuel pump replaced, fuel cleaner, a senor replaced, can't recall which one, don't have paper with me. After all this the steering wheel still vibrates when I am stopped in drive. Some times it is worse than other times. I am using 92+ octane gas. The vibration is better than before getting all the work done above, but it still has some roughness and can be very irritating. When actually driving, the vibration is not felt, it is very smooth. What else could it be? My 17 year old grandson wants the car and I want to get in in excellent running condition. It will need a paint job because the paint is peeling. The car once belonged to his deceased grandfather so it has some sentiment to him. Every dollar spent so far hasn't fixed the vibration problem. I've put more in repairs than the fair market value, but it is better than a car payment. Help!!!
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