Q: my steering has a lot of play how much will it cost (roughly)if itsworn tie rod on 1994 Toyota Camry

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what else could be wrong no noise a little vibration but a lot of play
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Don't have a stores are in Hawaii , but up north-east here in Washinton D.C. area (northern virginia , actually)inner tie rods are about $30.00 each and outers arIf you have a dealer nearby , I would recommend factory parts if still available from them.your 'lot of play' symptom is properly and completely diagnosed before putting parts on, however beware with steering components sometimes when you have one really bad part , the other marly weak pn't show uprwards.My w95 Camry has 290K on it. When I start to get some play in the steering It'll just get everything except the rack. Also donto check the steering column shaft (often ignored/forgotten)as source of play in steering. Good luck.