Q: My second Subaru has leaking head gaskets at around 90K. on 2004 Subaru Impreza Outback

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Dealer says it is because the independent mechanic I get service at does not add the Subaru additive during a flush and fill and encouraged me to use dealer for service. I can't afford the dealer. Is there a secret additive they add during a flush and fill that a regular mechanic would not know about?
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this is a very common problem with these, they almost all start leaking around 100k miles. its not you mech fault. try retorquing the heads
How did your first one do.If it did the same thing, maybe it's time to change makes.
The answer was right this is a very common problem,along with others on Subaru.
I traded first one in (1988 XT6) - current 2004 Impreza is just starting - not sure if I should try to repair or just trade again. Dealer said new head gaskets would be $2,500-$3,000. What does retorquing of heads run and is there any guarantee this would let car last another 3-4 years?
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