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Q: my saturn vue shakes when i go over 50mph on 2002 Saturn Vue

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my saturn vue shakes when i go over 55mph but if i release the pedal it stops shaking, it also shakes when im driving uphill.I already installed 4 new tires.
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same problem on mine 2002 v6 awd. here's what I did to fix it. Struts on the car may be damaged so replacing it may be a good idea. car may be unaligned making a tire take more damage and wear so check for damaged tires. if this is so then the tire may be uneven and if so, switch it with a tire from the back. may also be that your tires are beat up and need to be if you see wires sticking out your tires, replacing them sounds like a good idea.
Sounds like need the engine/trans mounts inspected for probs. May also have axle probs. Have inspected at qualified shop.
Hey there, I need serious help. I have a 03 Vue AWD (100 K) with 4 cyl. and the variable trans (that has been replaced). Both myself and an ex Saturn mechanic are stumped. I had new tires put on last fall also. It has started to shake awhile ago and seems to be getting worse. Starts shaking about 55 under load and up hills and goes away if you let off the gas but starts up when you get back on the fuel. The Mech. took the drive shaft off and it did not shake so he replaced the center bearing and it still shakes. I hate to keep replacing things. Anyone out there have any thing like this, or close, or ideas on it. The mech. said he really doesn't remember any rear axles going out in this year/model. Well any help is of course appreciated. Thanks. Please send me a message if you have any.
Please repost your problem and start by posting all info instead of the abbreviated version you started with. You will never get the help you need when you hold back on the info. The reply to my initial response has way more info that should have been posted to begin with. Why do you guys that want help hold back this important info? This is so frustrating to all the techs on here.
i have the same exact problem with a 2001 saturn l200, i've gotten new inner tie - rods, new rims, multiple alignments, multiple balances, four new tires, new rotors , new bearings, this is really getting to me , next on the list is CV or struts but i really have no idea . have you fixed yours ??
I could not have said it any better than what was said about posting all the info in original posts. People want help but hold back info that is important ill they are prompted by responses from original posts that lack all the info. People PLEASE get a clue. If you have probs tell us everything that you have and in order of when it was done or happened. We are not mind readers but sometimes the questions are put out there like we are. Share the info for a better respone for hells sake.
check driveshaft hanger bearing,just replaced one in a 2002 vue awd,no more vibration.
I took the drive shaft completely off and drove it. It still shook, It doesn't vibrate it shakes and only when I accelerate (push the gas pedal) on up hills or when i'm driving over 50 mph.
At this point I am not helping on this one. The original poster didn't even say he or she was sorry about not sharing info.
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