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Q: My right blinker does not flash when I turn it on. on 2000 GMC Jimmy

If I switch back and forth it causes the left blinker to blink.
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I agree, also the flasher will cause this!! If front and rear bulbs come on but won't blink replace the flasher.
Even though it will work on one side it may not on the other! Easy to change it also.
Thanks for your reply. I did check and switch around bulb by bulb. I thought flasher and or fuse. Emergency flashers work all the way around. Left binker works fine...Is it realy possible that it could still be the flasher?......Marvelous.
(Yep!) Did you look to see if the front and rear bulbs come on but dont blink?? Also does the indicator on the dash light up?? Can you tell me those two things??
Thanks again for your help. When I turn on the emergency flashers all 6 blink.Front right and side blinker and left front and side blinkers and right and left rear. I also noticed that when runing with foot on break pedal the left rear gets brighter and the right rear stay the same and does not get brighter. This was the first place I put in a new bulb after switching the other two bulbs with the new bulb. No difference bulb on right rear stayed the same. All bulbs are on no flash whatever on right rear and no brighter, Your second question inside on the dash when I turn blinker arm to right position the light click once if I have the door open and stays lit green. When the door is shut instead of clicking you hear an errrnt sound coming from the dashboard, I think it is coming out of right dash radio speaker. If I manually work arm up and down it does no blinking on right front or back...but the left rear blinker blinks. Other than that the left side works fine....Marvelous
Thank you all for taking the time.I will begin checking ground wires and connections. I am going to change the flasher first though. I should would like the easier way out.......Marvelous.
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