Q: My question is regarding the check engine light. on 2001 Toyota Solara

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Auto Zone pulled the codes and it read knocks sensor. The cat at Auto Zone asked if the oil change was overdue? I told him yes, it was approximately 2k overdue. He said that frequently, changing the oil will fix the engine light staying on. As I drove about 1/8 mile away the check engine light came back on. Is this telling me that the knock sensor indeed needs to be replaced? Thank you,
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Yeah, in retrospect that was a pretty dumb question. Thank you for your resonse. After talking to a friend who is an ASE Master Technician, he advised me that there are two knock sensors located under the intake manifold. He said that Mitchell called for like 3 book hours. The cheapest replacement parts I have found are about $95. each. I've been laid off from work and have until the 31st to pass emmissions inorder to buy a $20 tag. I am just searching for an alternate solution. Any Ideas? Or am I going to have to sell enough blood to rectify this deal? Thanks again for your time and expertise...
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