Q: my passenger side mirror was bumped . Glass did not break but popped out. on 1999 Chrysler 300M

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I need to know how do put it back. nothing seems to be broke. . does it snap in place or need glued?
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There is a tech. here that can tell you, if he sees yor post. But it's not me.
Just be patient.
Just saw this a little late and paranoid. Can't be talking about me 'cause it aint a Honda. Just a random thought though, how 'bout checking in t a dealer -with the glass -and car(duh) , and let them take a look , they may be willing to make a suggestion , or see something that you don't see. They may actually be helpful (sometimes surprising).
The tech. i was refering to is mirrorman, saw his profile sometime

Or maybe that was the name of a band that amused people with a puppet show!