Q: My one month old "new" alternator started charging at 18 volts. on 1992 Toyota Camry

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This same thing happened with the previous alternator. All my lights, inner and outer would glow or dim in and out, before the high voltage started and then my battery died. My lighting is not dimming yet. It seems brighter somewhat. When I put in the new alternator, the lighting stayed constant, and then the high volts started again at 18 volts yesterday. Last two nators are from Kragen/Oreilly. Very hesitant to drive car.
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It has been 7 days since you posted. If you are still driving this car now you will do damage to the PCM(computer). DO NOT DRIVE ANYMORE UNTIL FIXED.
I did not drive car at all, after I got home the same day of problem. Replaced alternator the next day. Lighting and charging are back to normal. Thanks for the advice.
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I suspect the quility of the alternators that you have purchaced. The voltage regulator that is intergral with the alternator most likely is causing your problem. Best take it bactk and see if they will exchange it for a better brand. I suggest DENSO as a reliable brand of remaufactured replacement.
I replaced alternator with a "denso" reman. Lighting system has been functioning normally. Charging is normal also. Thanks for the advice.
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