Q: My omissions light came on. the machanic I need to replace the catalyic converte on 1996 Honda Civic

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My civic is a CX. I was told that because it's a CX model they cound not replace just the catalytic conveter alone. the whole system would need to be replaced. the estimate was $1260. comment please BBarbb.
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I see you live in Virgina the system may be rusted or have holes in it in apart from the catalyst no longer being able to operate efficiently, that may be why it is being recommended to change the whole system.
Thanks for your answer. I really want to know is it true the catalytic conveter alone cannot be replaced the whole system would need to be replaced because my Civic is the CX model and the omission system comes in one piece. Is that true?
Thanks again, BBarbb
The reason why it is so expensive is because the converter is a part of the exhaust manifold. There is a company named WALKER EXHAUST. WALKER does sell a direct fit that costs much less than what you were told. You need to contact me at so I can get you the WALKER part number.