Q: My oil change indicator light keeps coming on (but doesn't stay, it flashes). on 2003 Volkswagen Golf

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I recently purchased my 2003 VW Golf and a few weeks ago changed the oil after noticing it was time to do so (I did it myself). I used the proper oil and such, but now the oil indicator light keeps coming on, usually 10 minutes into my drive, flashes and beeps, but never stays on (just flashing). Is this a malfunction in the car computer or is there something wrong with my oil (I rechecked it, clear, full and fine). Thanx
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We have found that the oil we use for VW MUST meet the same Euro specs as those for BMW and Benz. If you didn't use the Euro oil, that may be part of the problem. We have also seen a few that had been run low on oil a few too many times and had a loose lower end. You should get the oil pressure checked with a mechanical gauge.
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