Q: My Nissan Versa Note has Acceleration Issues.
on 2014 Nissan Versa Note

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Turned into dealer to test. THEY CANNOT DUPLICATE ISSUE AND GAVE IT BACK TO ME. I have had this issue four 6 times. Some serious long delay's with peddle to the metal. I reported this to NTSB web site another Watch Dog site. I found out this is not an isolated issue. It has to do with the newer CVT system on all models and Nissan corp. is ignoring it. Your site does not show issues. What should I do. I talked to some service reps and they say even if they duplicate the problem he said all they would do is check fluid levels and not supposed to do any more. Its Nissan Corp. who makes the call to fix it. I purchased a 100,000 mile repair agreement. Please give e some advice.
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At this point there is not much else I could suggest. Does your state have a lemon law? If the dealer can not fix the problem they may be required to buy the car back from you. You could look at hiring an attorney, but that is an expensive way to go about it. Sorry I am no help to you.
This is a problem with 2012-2014 - they need to reprogram your main computer (can't remember the acronym). They have a internal service bulletin that dealerships all can see (step right before a recall) as many owners are having it. My mom's car (this one) just had this done yesterday (reprograming).
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