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Q: my mustang is a 97 v6. running bad on 1997 Ford Mustang

i just got this car like 2 months ago. it has no power the headers glow red the cats have been replaced and it smells like raw fuel is dumping into it i need to know what is causing this plugs and wires fuel and air filters replaced. still no results it almost acts its not getting air flow when you put ur foot to the floor it barley goes up to speed. also there is no engine codes present. its my only car any advice is appriciated
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ok how do i do that? mechanics in this area dont know how to diagnose cars only parts but i gotta ask could this issue be a faulty mass air flow sensor?
does any one know if the radio is tied in the ecu on this car? it has a factory amp under dash..someone said yes but the car was running fine when i first got it and it has a aftermarket radio in it
Dealer for diagnosis. Headers? v-6? What's factory , what's not? Guessing , will, most likely end up being much more expensive. ASK friends for recommendations of independents in your area that are equipped to diagnose , not 'just replace parts'.The 'parts changers' are NOT mechanics. A mechanic DIAGNOSES , then repairs or replaces what's necessary.
well if you know anything about mustangs, they came out with factory based headers. not the big gawdy ones you see on most trying to find A solution to this issue.i know the difference but i also know this is a common issue with the v6 mustangs..i was told it could be a harmonic balancer but im pretty sure its not. be nice if someone with a common issue would reply with a solution...
Now that we got the header question out of the way(no , not that familiar with the newer Mustangs, sorry),are you able to get it scanned and even better like it was suggested ,read live data (fuel trim MAF etc.) then we might be able to lead you in a better direction with less guessing & more facts. What do the plugs that were just replaced look like?
they look like new to me no burns in the porslen or nething like that its simply running like its not getting any air flow i clean the maf out and it didnt help i even unpluged it it changed a lil but when u hit the accelerator it wanted to choke n sputter and die down..then engine light came on..i was also told it could be tps but it dosnt shift hard well it does now since its really hard to drive the way its acting with the no air flow thing..if tps acts like the ones on chevys do..idk im still stumped, i still got my figer pointed at the maf so far..
If you unplug any mass air flow meter , it should kill the motor , simply because of the PCM not reading any input from it and thinking that the engine stalled(no air going through it).Ford may have a default(limp-home) mode in there controls ,but in cases I've seen the engine simply won't run. Again live data would be best.The check engine light came on when you unpluged the MAF.
actually when you unplug the mass the car tries to run..i replaced the mass air flow and also had the fuel trim checked it was reading between 28 and 30 psi im not sure if thats good or bad i was also told it could be the harmonic balancer throwing it outta time or the crank but once again no engine light comes on it does come on when u unplug sensors only two i found that kills the engine when you unplug is the iac and the cps..its sad still trying to figure it out it lacks power so bad that it wont pull it self outta the drive way..and every time you hit the gas it boggs bad also, the mass air flow has a very loud whistle coming from it.. almost like it dosnt want to suck in air..any suggestions would be well awesome i love my stang
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