Q: My mechanic said my battery is draining because my rear air shock pump/motor on 2006 Chevrolet Uplander

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My vehicle has a rear air shock pump/motor? and is draining my battery. Can this be cause of my problem when vehicle sits for five days without use the battery drains and will not start.? onece charged it works fine.
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Its possible one of your air shocks has a leak and the pump is constantly kicking on trying to keep the vehicle level. The pump switch could be bad also allowing the pump to run constantly. There is probably several other electrical issues that could be causing the pump to run as well.
Have a reputable shop check out the entire system and diagnose the problem.
If vechicle has air shocks can it be changed to regular shocks? Let me know if it is possible. This vehicle has all kinds of problems, As service bulletines state.