Q: My manual transmission will not go into gear. on 1992 Volkswagen Golf

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My car will not go into any gears. It actually will go into reverse, but it's a hard crunch to get there. With the car turned off it shifts fine into all gears. The clutch does not slip and I replaced the clutch cable a few weeks ago. I'm lost as of now. It was shifting fine and then the other day it crunched into reverse and then wouldn't go into first and it was consecutively harder for each gear thereafter. Now it will not go into any.
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Check your clutch cable for proper adjustment. It sounds to me like the clutch is not fully disengaging which would make it hard to put in gear, and grind when you hit reverse. (reverse typically is not synchronized like the forward gears are.)
i just bought a 88 toyota truck. Same thing. Everything was working fine and 2 days after I bought it, it wouldn't go into any gear while running. I tried putting it into gear while turned off and it clutched just fine in all gears. I hope this is not a major thing to repair because I just paid 1100 for it. It was a great truck and rand great. Just had a new alternator put in before I purchased. Could that have anything to do with it.
sounds like ur clutch cable is broken check the connection to the transmission and then check ur clutch i just replaced the clutch cable in my car bc it would not go into gear at all and it was the clutch cable