Q: my manual pt cruiser is jumping out of 4th gear and reverse is starting to judder on 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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i have a 06 manual 2,4l pt cruiser here in the uk which i love but this week it has started to jump out of 4th gear and been aquward to get into reverse . before this it the gearbox has been getting sticky to get into the other gears and today it started to make a bit of a rattling sound in nutral . i have heard the bushes on the gear linkage can wear , do you think this may be the problem? + can anyone tell me where to top up and chech the transmisson fluid on a manual box. would be greatfull for any help . thanks
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No, the bushings are not likely the problem if it's popping out of gear and hard to shift. That, plus the rattling noise in neutral is suspicious of internal problems.
There should be a fill plug on the side of the transmission.
I think you need to find a transmission shop or a Chrysler specialist because you're describing the symptoms of a failing transmission.
thanks for the advice
do you think its worth checking the transmission oil and the bushesunder the air filter before i drive it again ?or take it to a transmission shop . as the car has only done 50,000 miles and was serviced at the proper intervals at chrysler u.k before i got the car 9 months ago at 38000
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