Q: My lights flicker, radio shuts off, & vehicle. What could be the cause? on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

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While driving or just it sitting while on the lights flicker, & the car shuts off but cranks back up, the radio also shuts off, & you can hear like electrical wires misfiring what could be causing this?
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Battery is bad
Battery terminal positive probably lose
Or check your battery terminal negative probably lose
I've had the battery checked and was told it was good, also had terminals cleaned & tighten. I've also had the alternator checked and was told it was good also. I'm no mechanic but I do know it's electrical, and not one mechanic I've taken it to been able to give me results
Tell your mechanic to run another ground 0 gauge wire from negative battery to body make sure it's clean contact with the body
Did anyone find an answer to this electrical problem? I'm have a similar issue on my 97' tacoma but I can actually hear the circuit opening relay clicking. When it does that, the radio cuts out, headlights flash, and the car sputters. ... any ideas
Yes I found that my battery terminals needed to be replaced. Once I did that never had any problems since. So you may want have those changed before going to a mechanic shop. Very cheap process as well.
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