Q: My LIghtning won't start,ignite 2 weeks after new alternator? on 1999 Ford F-150 Lightning

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First the Alternator went out. I put a new battery in and even before I changed the alternator, the starter would spin but I could not start the car.
Now 2 weeks after a new alternator is in, I have the same problem again with starting (it feels like something may have turned the fuel pump off)
This truck has always started at first asking until now?
Thank you in advance for any assistance. Not fun being without transportation
(1) Answer
I have the same problem I changed 2 alternator in 3 weeks , and today my car died on my driveway. After the first time I replaced the alternator I have to change the fuel pump too. If you find what was the problem with your car, please let me know, i am desperate cause I spend a lot of money and the same problem is coming back over and over again. Please send me a mesage to Thank you.
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