Q: My interior lights arent working on 2006 Nissan Altima

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If the problem is a fuse i need a more detailed diagram. neither the panel under the hood nor on the drivers side show anything about interior lights dome lights or map lights also sais nothing about ctsy lights. The owners manual doesnt have a diagram and i cant find one online...
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I have a question for you. Have you had a radio installed or had anyone been in the electrical? The lights are controlled by a Body Control Module. It has a fusable link under the hood labeled F. Also check fuse 21 under the dash. If no one has been in there, and the fuses are good, then you need a BCM or have a wiring problem.
No one has been in my wiring and i would check #21 but the diagram on the fuse panel doesnt number my fuses is there a better diagram for the fuses...
It's the fourth one from the bottom right, it's a 10 amp fuse. The picture I saw shows, from the bottom right, working your way left: spare spare blank 21