Q: My ignition is acting up when I try to start the car on 2000 Toyota Solara

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At first I can't turn the key at all. If I wait a few seconds it will turn one more click. Another few seconds and it goes all the way to the right but nothing happens. Around the 4th or 5th try it starts up. Don't think I can let this go on for too much longer before it plain doesn't start. Replaced the battery a few weeks ago so I know it's not that. It happens almost every time I start the car.
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try making a new key yours may be worn out.also ck wiring at battery and starter and have starter ck'd also
Thank you! This may not be a huge bill after all, but I am taking it in on Wed to have my mechanic look at the ignition etc. The key probably is worn out, it's 12 years old~! Be nice if it was just a new key I need LOL
Appreciate your help
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