Q: my ignition has locked up do I need the original key to fix this? on 2002 Saturn SL2

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it just happened this is the first time my steering wheel completely locked now i cant get my car started what do i need to do?
(1) Answer
There are several things that can cause the ignition not to turn on your 2002 Saturn SL2. 1) If the steering is "loaded" against the steering wheel lock. Try moving the steering wheel slightly each way and see if it moves freely. If the wheel is hard to turn in one direction then turn the wheel slightly in the direction that is hard and see if the key will turn. 2) The ignition key is worn and will not turn. Try your spare key or a new key. The new key should be cut using the factory key codes, not by copying the worn out key. 3) The ignition lock cylinder has failed. You can try moving the key slowly or wiggling it while you try and turn it. This may work temporarily but a failed lock cylinder should be replaced.