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Q: My hydraulic fan wont turn when car starts on 2000 Lincoln LS

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My cooling fan stopped working after pouring antifreeze into what I thought was a cooling reservoir for the radiator. I believe its called the degas bowl or something like that. I bought the car used and dont have a owners manual for troubleshooting so I went to the ford dealership and they said that it should work once I drain as much fluid out as possible and refill it with power steering fluid. I removed every hose possible top and bottom side of the motor to drain the contaminate fluid but my fan still wont budge and im at a loss on how to resolve the situation.
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I would use some compressed air to blow out the coolant from the fan hydraulic system. I would disconnect every hose in the fan hydraulic system and make sure I can blow air through them. I would even do this to the fan itself. Make sure that you can spin the fan manually before you are done. Make sue that you did not damage any of the viscous fan internals. There should also be a filter in the fluid reservoir, I would replace the reservoir, because that filter, usually in the bottom of the reservoir can get easily clogged and should be replaced every 60k.
Thanks for the advice and I did exactly that before I was able to check back on this site. And now that I have seen what an experienced technician had to say, Im proud of myself. It worked just as I hoped it would but with one key note, and that was to refill the reservoir with transmission fluid ONLY and not power steering fluid per the owners manual that I looked at when I saw a guy at a gas station driving the same year and Model car.(Lucky) My next problem was with the car overheating which I soon resolved by bleeding the pressure from the cap located after the radiator hose in line to the t-stat. I drove it several miles with the A/C on and it ran like a champ. I left the car alone for the day and drove it approx. 5miles and parked it. More Drama(white smoke) filled the air upon starting the car shortly after I drove it home. I checked the oil and its reading low on the dip stick and Im kinda scared to crank it again for fear of damaging the motor. I didnt hear anything unusual when it started smoking so I quickly shut it off. PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING POSITIVE!!!!!
The Degas bottle is where anti-freeze goes for the radiator. If you put power steering fluid in there then that will circulate through the motor. If you have white smoke then you may have blown the head gasket by not having coolant in there. There is a seperate power steering resovour for the steering fluid near the front of the engine.
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