Q: My husband has a 2001 2500 Dodge Diesel. The fuel pump went out and we replaced on 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

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After it was replaced then he started having trouble with the transmission. We have had to replace the fuel pump twice more. Once the truck warms up he can get it to go in first and he manually changes to 2nd and third but it never goes to fourth. He changed the transmission fluid and it was clean, not metal on the magnet. Could it be a sensor? Also could the fuel pump going out be related to the transmission not working properly. Thanks
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I also have an 01 Ram 2500 and as you may have already found out if your lift pump (aka fuel pump, which is located just below and behind your fuel filter) failed then your injection pump is likely about to fail as well. The VP44 injection pump is internally lubricated by the diesel fuel itself. If it was not properly supplied with diesel fuel via the lift pump then it will fail at some point. It will begin as you described then eventually lead to a no start condition. It happened to me. The replacement pump was $1700 at Napa and I did the labor myself. There is a very detailed video on YouTube that shows step-by-step how to replace it. Just search VP44, you'll find it. It took me about four hours to complete the R&R.
I have a 01 ram cummins,same thing on fuel pump happened,best advice i can give to avoid destroying another inj. pump is install a fuel pressure gauge,should of had one from factory but they didn't bother!
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