Q: My horn has stopped working. on 2005 Honda Element

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I've checked the fuses and all seem good. Any ideas? Also, I'm approaching 90K miles. Do I need to have the timing belt changed?
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Your horn could be caused by a few different things, you should take it to someone you trust to have it inspected.
You don't need to worry about the timing belt replacement, as you don't have one. That year uses a chain, which is not considered a service item (you would only change it if you ever had a problem - unlikely)
Thanks for the info on the timing belt (chain). I'll be taking my car into a trusted mechanic next week.
Look in owners manual for the horn fuse and relay, test each. Relay is under hood should click each time horn button pressed. Key on.
Most likely you overlooked a bad fuse!! Possible relay. After that you need your mechanic cause there is a clock spring and a lot of other good stuff.
Timing belt should be changed at 60000 miles so, you are overdue. Your wiring in the steering wheel may have come loose or the contacts may be worn or need cleaned.
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