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Q: My Honda has a bad head gasket. How much will it be to have the head tested? on 2001 Honda Accord

It occured last year on May 30,2012. It ran hot and I pulled over and had it towed home and havent been able to fix it due to money issues.
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How do you know you need a head gasket, there are several other parts that can also have leakages. Firstly you need to make sure there is adequate and the right coolant(coolant comes in several different types and colors)in the vehicle,Radiator,and resovoir bottle, There are some other things that you can do also, Once the coolant has been verified that it is in the vehicle,, you can pull the oil dip stick out and see if the oil has a MILKY, color to it. Next if the car is running, large amounts of white smoke may come out of the tail pipe if it is a head gasket problem.. If the vehicle is not running, or has been running,try and see if you have any leakage comming from ANY areas of the vehicle, under the hood and underneath the vehicle,The UPPER AND lOWER radiator hoses, temperature sensor, radiator, thermostate. In order for a car to run hot it comes from a leak or an absence of antifreeze, or clogged radiator(check old radiator fluid for brownish color/discoloration(flush may be needed and new coolant). You may not be able to see the water pump, and if you are not a service tech, you may want to have it towed to a shop for a cooling system pressure check. This could very well be a small problem, but anytime the car runs hot it is a leakage of fuild that allows the cooling system not to work properly, You know a head gasket is the last thing you want to add to your list start small, like filling the system with antifreeze, doing a visual check for leaks. Have you started the car since having it towed? Most cooling system problems arise due to driver failure to notice the temp hands change to the "H" position on their dash, or the coolant water light symbol on the dash. You gotta listen and look for warning signs on your dash lights. This problem probably has been growing for a little while, let me know what you find, ok, also ask questions while at the shop, and let the techs show you the bad part or area of leakage. If it is a head gasket, the prices vary, so shop around for resonable pricing, and quality workmanship, parts available, and time envolved, get estimates, and references from others about "good" shops. Also if this is found to be a water pump problem have the tech to also check the timing belt, there in the same area, let me know
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