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Q: MY honda feels like its dying on me. on 1997 Honda Civic

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Up until a few months ago my honda was working just fine. then it started to have a check engine light that said the pistons were misfiring and a sensor was going off. Took it to a shop right away they replaced the wires plugs , oil change, checked it all out and nothing had changed when i took it for a ride. It has been rumbling all the time, check engine light constantly blinking me to death, the worst part is that it has a total loss of power and cant make it up to 55 without feelin like im killing it like a stunt driver in a car chase. and when going uphill it dies so that it goes over 5000 rpm just to keep it up to 50 miles an hour which is way way way to low to keep up with the speed limit making it VERY unsafe passing or just driving at all! I have checked everything from the fuel filters to air and oils and fluids and everything i could possibly do. has new tires and brand new parts in it now and still wont cooperate! there is a big loss in mileage do to me having to hit the gas all the time to even make a decent speed. I hate this so much and im ready to set this car on fire ( because the freaking honda dealership doesnt have a clue and tried to charge me 100 dollars to tell me NOTHING) someone people help me.
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Please get codes read again and post. If I know what codes you are getting , I can point you in the right direction. Otherwise , from your description only I'd say you've got clogged exhaust or if V-TEC motor , then you've got issues with that. How often on oil changes? 3-4K or more?
yes i change my oil about every 6 months, because i dont usually have 3k miles to travel. i checked the exhaust from outside the car and as far as i can tell its running normally.. although it sounds like a tugboat nowadays. I took it on a trip this week about 400 miles and it was doing bad like before, but today it went up to 90 with no hitches and didnt have trouble on hills as much. Would using 85 octane gasoline affect it in a dramatic way over this year?
87 octane is the lowest I've ever seen, so I imagine 85 would be worse. I think you might want to bring it to a shop that can scan and diagnose for possible trans. issue. If the engines hitting 5000 RPMs and your still not going anywhere , the engine doesn't really sound like the actual problem
Got a Email from my father talking about how a faulty O2 sensor would cause my engine to be flooded and mileage to really take a big hit, while not offering much power at all. gonna get codes read today.

po301 cylinder 1 misfire

all 4 misfired with the same code but a 2 3 and 4 at the end
and that last was.
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