Q: My heater is very loud and works very poorly. on 1997 Volvo 850

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Can anyone help me diagnose the issue with my '97 Volvo 850's heater?

It only audibly works when I have the fan turned to the highest speed--anything less and it's essentially off. And, on the warmest possible setting, only lukewarm air comes out of the vents under the windshield, possibly the floor, too. I get cold air out of the dash vents.

But the real issue is the awful, rattling cacophony it makes. Like I said, you only hear it at highest speed, and it sounds like murder in there, like the fans are totally busted.

Fortunately, no strange smells.

What does this sound like to you? And how much are we talking here?
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First check to see if the fan motor sucked up a bag into the intake. This is a common problem that most shops won't tell you about. It would be a fan motor otherwise. If you are local to Signal Hill Foreign Auto Service we would remove the bag for free if that is what it is. Good luck!