Q: My heater / a/c control module on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

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When I push power off on module the blower fan goes to high and what ever I do I can't turn off fan,before this problem the lights on the module luminated only 20% of the time and I needed to hit the lens to get them to turn on I tried replacing module thinking the hitting for 3 mounths damaged it and it did not work but lights seem to work know??Does the new module need to be remaped,does computer need to be reset??? please help John THANK YOU
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You should replace your Blower motor power module to address your Blower motor concern. To replace the power module:
1.Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.
2. Remove the glove box from the instrument panel .
3. Disconnect the two wire harness connectors from the front blower motor power module .
4. Remove the two screws that secure the front blower motor power module to the front HVAC housing and remove the power module.

Yes this is the salution,I had reserched this and have replaced the heater control modual ($70.00) as of 2 days ago and it seems to have fixed the problem THANKS John
P.S. The lights on control modual stay on the dim side???? headlights on or off!!!!!!! Do I need a new heater control modual ???? everthing seems ok besides dim lighting. T Y John
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