Q: My heat/air is not blowing out properly - What is wrong UGGHH on 2007 Dodge Caliber

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Hello: My heat and my air conditioner both work, it's just they don't blow out as strong as they should be. Everything was fine until a couple of months ago. I thought it was a fuse and checked, that seems fine. I can hear the blower making a struggling noise when I am either idle or it's about to completely stop blowing, but on the highway it blows out air, but I have to be going at least 40 for that to happen. What is wrong with me or my car please? I had a problem sending this so I apologize if it's a dupe question. Muchas Gracias!! Lena
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I would check the Heater resistance this if this is not working properly it will cause that problem, if the resistance is good i would check the controls.
according to my exprites i think this is happen due to a long time use of A/C and that lead to end of life time of brush of blower motor and you need to replace it and the cause of its work when you go over 40 is that the air that come inside will help the motor to run my advice is to replace the bursh inside the motor