Q: My headlight on my passenger side won't work but both my brights do and the bulb on 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

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Is not burnt out I have wiggled it and it still won't work what do I do
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I looked in the fuse box and checked every fuse. But I don't know what kind of fuse or what to look for I don't know if its the bigger fuses or not. My driver side works fine just the passenger side and both my brights work so I don't know
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Standing at the left fender open fuse box lid and inside the lid is nomenclature listing each fuse. Looking at the fuse box there is four fuses on the bottom left. Those are the fuse for the headlights. One ea for each beam on each side.
Ok so I checked the fuse I found it and it is not the fuse I even swapped them out and the passenger side still doesn't work but the driver side works with both of the fuses
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Did you swap the bulbs to be sure. If so check the plug to be sure you have power and ground at the plug. If not chec the wiring between the fuse box and the headlight. The ground is on the core support I believe. If the high beam is working check the power at the plug to not trace that color just the color for the low beam. Make sure the ground is good as well first before spending time tracing wire back to fuse box. Let me know I have the wiring diagram at my disposal.
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