Q: My gear shift is stuck in park when it's extremely cold outside. on 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid

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The button you press while pressing the break doesn't go all the way in, it's like it's frozen. I have to preheat my car for atleast a half an hour and I've noticed if I hold on the gear shift for awhile it will heat it up and come out of park.
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Clean that spilled Coffee .. Dr Pepper out it with some WD-40! Straw attached to spray tip... Have fixed several of them with same problem that way.... It works!!
Hi Josanne32,

Just saw this posting, and I have another answer for you. Had the same problem in Calgary, Alberta in the winter.

The problem is that the transmission button must be depressed so that you can disengage from "PARK". As you have found, the only solution is to let the car warm up for 30 minutes, and then the problem fixes itself.

I had the same problem when the temperature was below 0F and the car was left outside for several hours. The root cause is that gunk has built up inside the frame that holds the transmission lever in place. The gunk then freezes very solid, and will only thaw when the transmission is properly warmed up. The only permanent solution is to have that frame cleaned or replaced to permanently get rid of the gunk. The job must be done by a dealer.