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Q: My fuel gauge & my temperature gauge on my 1993 MPV Mazda, 6 cyl, 3.0 faulty on 1993 Mazda MPV

When I fill up my gas tank, the gauge goes to fill, then, when I drive 35-42 miles it slowly goes down to empty, which, is not such a big deal, I keep track of mileage. My temperature gauge, starts off at almost at the middle when engine is first started from zero, then, shows overheating after driving little bit, 5-10 miles, but, I had it check at length and the radiator temperature was 161 for one hour, as it idled, I was told it was an intermittant faulty gauge, hello? It is very disconcerting to see it register OVERHEATED when I drive it, (but, engine light nor any distress panel light come on). I also had to replace the gas tank (my mehcnic said there was a ultra small gas leak in gas tank and couldn't work on gas tank, unless I replaced said gas tank, so, what could I do, he had me by the short hairs, I asked to see the gas tank, he said he threw it out, can't those tanks be repaired?), but, the gas gauge is still on empty, isn't there a ballon inside the gas tank, that regulates how full it is and shouldn't it work (SHOW ON GAUGE) when a new gas tank is put on? I have just spent over $1,700 on repairs to bring Van up to smog compliance, brake and light inspection, I know I have been had. isn't there a sensor, or, fuse that controls those gauges, the mechanic now wants to replace my thermostat and radiator, at the cost of $600 without checking sensors or fues,plus, my Van already has been checked out by a radiator shop that recommended my current mechanic and the radiator and thermostat were not faulty. I have put over $5,573, from buying MPV initially for $2,000, THEN $1,400 on initial repairs & NEW TIRES, then, $423, then, this last $1,700, I am played out financially and am going crazy and feel I have been played, no, make that know I am being played by the mechanic. I am ready to call the California BAR on this mechanic. I am a disabled senior citizen,73 years old and have a limited amount of money, I had to charge the last on my credit card, which, due to this last charge, is at the maximum amount allowed, I need my wheels for doctor appointments. Thank you
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