Q: my front axle does not engage when set in 4h or 4lo on 2002 GMC Yukon

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front differential does not engage..front axle actuator motor comes out 1 inch, it operates, tested in hand,transfer case and motor appear to give the gearing and works,all buttons on dash work and set properly.but front axle seems to not engage. i removed vent cap to look inside front dif, when all 4 tires are on ground pushing vehicle,pinion gear and small gears turn. when left front wheel only is off ground and turned, only small gears move, no pinion. when only right tire is turned, no gears turn inside at all, its like somthing is not engaging.can pin that actuator notor pushes be stuck ? no lights, no codes, just front axles have no power, does not operate....please help ..thanks you
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